Explorer Husky Was Spotted On Rooftop And Was Rescued By Firefighters

While having a dog is one of the best things that one can have in life, at times, dogs can also make lots of troubles, especially the playful ones. Jasper is the perfect example of an adorable dog that can make his owners lives a hell!

Jasper is a cute husky from Wells, Maine, who likes to explore the world. The curious doggo loves to search for new paths and secret spots for him to spend some time.

It was just another regular day when neighbors passed by Jasper’s house, and they saw an unlikely thing on its rooftop, Jasper! How in god’s did he manage climbing to the 15-feet-tall roof?

Was he looking for his owners? Or maybe he was just enjoying the neighborhood view. Did he try to see whether rain is coming? Only one individual can answer the mysterious question, Jasper.

The neighbors had no choice but to call the police. Expectedly, the Wells Police Department contacted the Wells Professional Firefighter Association. When the Captain of the Wells Fire Department, Jeff Nawfel, heard about this case for the first time, he thought the dog was on a car’s roof. Usually, its cats that get stuck on rooftops!

The Captain and his partner rushed into action and were surprised to see the dog on a house rooftop. They carefully took him down, back to safety by using a ladder. Nawfel put him back into the house through a window which Jasper had probably went out of.

Luckily, the police officer captured the bizarre moment of the rescue!

Don’t get us wrong, Jasper the explorer was extremely happy to meet some new firefighters and police officers. And as a thank you gesture; the playful pooch gave his rescuer a big kiss on his face!

But hi! The story is not ending here!

Jasper’s parents heard about the whole drama and went to the firefighters’ station to thank Captain Nawfel and give him a thank you card.

The Well’s Police Department posted the hilarious video of the rescue on their Facebook page, and that was the moment that what has started as an adventure turned into a viral story that has amused thousands of people.

A friend of Jasper’s parents wrote: “This is my friend’s dog, his name is Jasper and this is not the first time he has done this…he just loves to be outside, they must have forgot [sic] to close the window….thanks for rescuing him!”

Since the video got so viral, Nawfel turned a known local hero, and he started getting lots of interview requests.

It was the Captain’s first off-the-roof dog rescue mission, and he was flattered by all the love he received from the community and others on social media.

And finally, the bizarre video of the surreal moment:

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