Expecting A Baby? Here’s Why You Should Raise It With A Dog

There are many reasons for wanting to raise your kid around a dog. Our canine friends form unusually strong bonds with toddlers, and they tend to be remarkably affectionate towards them.

Dogs give kids a sense of protection. Growing up knowing that they have a guardian, even when their parents aren’t around, gives kids much-needed confidence. This sweet baby is learning to crawl, it won’t be long before he chases that doggo around the house, playing catch.

Canines make the perfect adventure pals to explore the world with, and when it’s time to go home, they love to fall asleep cuddled with their pooch

Kids and dogs make the perfect combo. They mutually benefit from their incredible relationships. Still not convinced? watch the adorable compilation of baby and pooch moments below:

Share this story with a friend or family member that’s expecting, to show them the love a dog can bring into their kid’s life.

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