Excited Dog Joins His Human Parents’ First Dance At Their Wedding

Our furry friends are included in the most important moments of our lives. Some dogs are even included in our weddings. When Nicole and Seth Funden got engaged, they knew their beloved dog, Eva is going to be there by their sides. 

The exciting day had arrived, and the wedding ceremony took place in Washington. Everything went smoothly; there was a romantic and happy atmosphere, guests were so moved by the special day, and Eva, their furry companion was extremely excited to watch her favorite humans tiding the knot.

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One of the wedding guests, Selena Mercedes, said it was clear that Eva would be invited to their wedding since she was a huge part of their lives. The couple loves their doggo so much that they take her everywhere they can, they are inseparable.

During the wedding, Eva was super friendly and outgoing. She had some small talks and mingled a big. But when it was time for the couple’s first dance as husband and wife, the affectionate pooch couldn’t hold herself and just joined their dance.

Watch the unforgettable moment on this video:

Eva melted both the guests’ hearts and the internet’s heart!

Eva surely stole the show. What an amazing wedding story to tell their grandchildren.

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