Europe’s Cutest Rodent in Photographs!

Meet the harvest mouse, Europe’s smallest rodent. It is the only mammal to have a prehensile tail, which allows it to move through vegetation quickly and silently. For a long time, this unique creature was practically unknown and undocumented. This all changed once Dean Mason came into the picture!

The talented photographer, Dean Mason (57), has been photographing since he was 17. For the past 20 years, he has been a passionate wildlife photographer. Photographing wildlife challenges him. The peaceful vibes of nature ease his anxiety. As a result, he has spent over 1000 hours all by himself in the wild.

Mason is licensed under the new DEFRA animal welfare legislation to breed captive-bred harvest mice. He runs the Windows on Wildlife photographic workshops and invites wildlife photographers around the world to photograph the cute animals in their natural environment.

Since harvest mice are so small and light, they are uniquely acrobatic. It’s truly a pleasure to witness them climbing and jumping, performing feats that at first glance seem impossible. In addition, due to their small size it is very rare to come across them in the wild.

Mason explains that although harvest mice are incredibly beautiful, they are very quick so it makes it difficult to get a good picture of them. They are natural models, though, so they feel comfortable posing for the camera. This makes them even more fun to photograph.

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