Enormous Golden Gets A Tiny Bed That Barely Fits His Butt

She accidentally ordered the wrong size for her gigantic pup. However,  the Golden still seems to be grateful for the heartfelt gift.

A picture is definitely worth a thousand words. Just look at this huge Golden Retriever, trying to get comfortable on a mat or a pillow… Wait, is that supposed to be a bed?

Apparently so. This dog’s owner mistakenly ordered the wrong size bed for his adorable pooch. Although it looks like the furry creature was expecting something a bit bigger, he still tries to show his beloved owner his love and appreciation. After all, she did mean well!

Kenny, the Golden Retriever, reminds me of a cat that used to cling on to his cute blanket and carry it around from one room to another because it was a gift from his human parents.

When people we love give us presents, we know that they went through the trouble of thinking, searching, and acquiring the one thing they hoped we’ll cherish. The sweet doggo must have realized it and decided to show his gratitude either way.

The adorable sentiment was shared on Twitter by Kenny’s owners. Such a good boy!

Kenny is definitely a sensitive dog, who loves his human family unconditionally.

He understands that it’s the thought that counts!

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