Enjoy an Amazing Vacation Spot Surrounded by Adorable Sloths

Have you ever dreamt of being one with nature? Every nature lover has this dream of waking up in a beautiful cabin or a wooden manor, and drinking coffee beside a sweet sloth?

Well, your dream is closer than ever! The two twin resorts, Nayara Springs and Nayara Resort, are themed heavenly with divine hideaways, guaranteeing a vacation of a lifetime. Once the rumor about the furry staff has spread, people started to share the dreamy location.

The four-legged staff would be happy to keep you company and give you the full authentic nature experience. The resorts are centered at the Arenal Volcano National Park and offer to stay in grand chateaus while visiting the furry creatures. That’s what we call a vacation in style!

The incredible vacation spot opened its doors to sloths in 2017 and was determined to create the best natural environment for them. Consequently, they’ve planted 300 cecropia trees, the sloth’s natural habitat. 

The two sloths that were already living in the resorts at the time were thrilled by the sentiment, and brought friends. Nowadays, it’s the forever home of 15 adorable sloths.

Many guests report that they enjoy spotting the sloths and learn about their unique lifestyle. If you want to find the sweet creatures, be sure to take the tour that the preserve offers.  The way they just take their time is admirable! In the 21st century taking a moment to relax in our intensive routine is almost impossible. Perhaps some of us should learn to take it easy, relax, and enjoy nature like the sloths do.

Sloths aren’t the only tourist attraction the amazing retreat offers. If you seek a little adventure, you can try zip-lining or water sports, such as water rafting and canyoning.

Furthermore, you’ll probably be ecstatic to find out that there are many more animals living at the preserve, just waiting to meet you; birds, frogs, peccaries, and even iguanas – all live there happily

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