Endangered Animals Were Rescued From Circus And Welcomed Two Newborns

Former circus performers decided to dedicate their lives to rescuing and taking in mistreated wild felines who were born in captivity. Among the big cats that were rescued and now live in the Caresse de Tigre sanctuary in France, there are beautiful white lions.

The original owners wanted to sell them to circus purposes, but the incredible couple raised five thousand euros to rescue them and take them to the sanctuary.

The two white lions met after the incredible couple has saved them both from captivity. And now they have together two 6-pound adorable cubs named Nala and Simba. They were born in last July and are respectively destined to live in England and France as they are ready.

The newborn white lions don’t know how rare they are,  whitelions.org estimated that there are less than 300 white lions worldwide.  

You won’t believe this cute video in which one of the owners’ dog plays with the cubs! The co-owner Klimond Brigitte posted:

Out of four categories in which endangered species are listed in, the White Lion was categorized by the IUCN Red List as ‘vulnerable’ species. The categories are ‘vulnerable’, ‘endangered’, ‘critically endangered’, and ‘extinct in the wild’.

While white lions are originated in South Africa, whitelions.org reported that in 2018 there were only 11 individuals left in the wild.

As National Geographic reported on their website, Leslie Lyons, a feline geneticist at the University of Missouri says that what is known as a “white lion” is actually a lighter brown lion that is a genetic mutation. Some people may be confused with albino lions which don’t have the ability to produce pigments.

The while lion family happily lives together thanks to the amazing couple who saved the white lion parents and the Caresse de Tigre sanctuary that took them in.

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