Employee Rescued A Crying Kitten From Train And Got Fired The Next Day

It was another regular workday for a carman for Norfolk Southern Railway till he heard a kitten whines from down the track.

Aprile Small

Last week, when Chris Small came across a tiny kitten in a train yard in Louisville, Kentucky, the right course of action was incredibly clear. The rain had just stopped, and it was dark so he could barely see anything. 

Chris began searching after the sound, hoping he could help the little feline till he came closer to a tank car. That was the moment he realized the cat was trapped inside the vehicle.

Reportedly, he notified his boss and asked to start actions to help the cat, but he rejected his plea and said it would climb out on its own. Although Chris believed it would be unlikely for the kitty to help itself out, he was ordered to get back to work.

Aprile Small

But Chris couldn’t stop thinking about the trapped feline. He wondered for how long it had been there, whether it was distressed and needed food or water.

Unfortunately, the local animal control services were closed by then, and he had no one to turn to. He couldn’t leave the poor feline to fend for itself, so he promised he would come back after his shift if it would still be there.

When he returned after work, he still heard the meowing. Chris ensured that the train wasn’t leaving any time soon and sprang to the shop to get a pair of trash tongs.

Using the tool, he managed to clear the trash out of the crack where he had seen the poor feline. When he finally found the whining kitten, he was devasted to learn that it was with its littermates who didn’t make it.

Aprile Small

He reached his hand, grabbed the kitten, and slowly pulled it out. The compassionate man learned it was a female kitten as he dried her off and put her in the pocket of his work clothes.

Aprile Small

The rescuer named her Promise because he promised himself he would be back to rescue her and take her home.

Aprile Small

The adorable kitten felt safe in his warm pocket and fell asleep. Chris said that when he went back to the shop, his owner congratulated him on having a new cat and fired him!

The next morning his company called and announced him that he had been fired and warned him to stay away from the property or he shall be arrested, according to him.

Their response on Facebook: “Norfolk Southern does not comment on ongoing investigations involving employees covered by collective bargaining agreements. We can, however, confirm that at this time the employee has not been terminated.”

Chris’s wife, Aprile Small, supported him and said that they fired him through the phone.

Happily, Promise went for the vet for the first time and was given the medical attention she needed. It was estimated that she was around two weeks old, and fortunately, she instantly made herself at home. Her dog sibling, Daisy, took the kitten under her wing and takes good care of her.

The sweet feline is flourishing into a happy confidante bouncy girl, and she absolutely loves the love and affection she is given.

Aprile Small

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