Elephant Touches Trunks With Her Daughter And Granddaughters After 12 Years Apart

A rare and heartwarming moment was recently caught on camera and gave us humans a glimpse into the complex and fascinating inner world of elephants. The picture shows how an elderly elephant touches trunks with her daughter and granddaughters after 12 years apart. And yes, it’s just as adorable as you’re expecting it to be.

The Adorable Moment The Mother Elephant Touches Trunks With Her Estranged Daughter

While wild male elephants sperate from their herd when they get sexually mature, females usually stick with their mothers.
In an effort to mimic this natural behavior, a growing number of European zoos now try to recreate this natural process in captivity.

Pori, the 39-year-old African elephant in the picture, was born in the wild in Zimbabwe. She was caught and transferred to the Magdeburg Zoo, and later transported to the Berlin Zoo. There, Pori gave birth to her first daughter, Tana, in 2001. Pori moved from one zoo to the next over the course of the next 12 years while her daughter stayed in Berlin and gave birth to two adorable calves – Elani and Tamika.


Pori, Tana, and baby Elani and Tamika are kept separated for the time being. This is done to allow them to calmly refamiliarize themselves with one another. While their elephant homes are closed for members of the public, for the time being, visitors can still catch a glimpse of the adorable family when they’re out in the common outdoor area.

We hope Pori will enjoy her daughter and granddaughter’s company for many more years and hope to see them in many more adorable pictures.

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