Elephant Herd Gets Drunk From 30 Liters of Unguarded Wine During Quarantine

While most people spend their days in isolation at home, a herd of elephants decided to take advantage of the situation and break into a Chinese village’s wine supply.

The place is usually guarded by security guards. However, due to the COVID-19 virus, all of the guards were instructed to stay home, so the elephants could simply stroll in completely unnoticed.

The place was utterly empty; therefore, the elephants used the moment and started partying and having fun. I bet they had never partied like this before!

With no humans in the area to be a buzzkill, they’ve enjoyed over 30 liters of corn wine and got totally drunk. The hilarious elephants kept celebrating until the afternoon when the hangovers started to kick in. They finished the day sleeping the hangover off, tired yet oh so satisfied.

One fantastic person caught the entire gathering on his phone, and posted pictures of the elephants’ raging party on Reddit. As expected, the comical story went viral within a few minutes.

Since most humans are stuck at home doing nothing nowadays, most of us browse through social networks all day long to pass the time. The hysterical story has indeed brightened our days, during this difficult time. 

It looks like the elephants had the best time, we hope to be invited to their next party!

If the story shocked you, you probably had no idea that elephants are true alcohol enthusiasts just like us. 

Studies show that mastodons have always had a palate for alcohol. Moreover, the elephants use their incredible memories to remember where they enjoyed alcohol, so they’d be able to go back there and get drunk once again.

Elephants love alcohol so much, that when they see others drink it, they get jealous. If you happen to be walking next to an elephant with a beer or a glass of wine, be aware! If you’re true animal lovers, you could always buy a cup or a gallon of alcohol for your elephant friend too!It’ll be so happy and grateful.

So, if you’re looking for a drinking buddy – look no further, because these adorable elephants are dying for an invitation!

The amazing elephants drank so much wine, and will probably come back for seconds since China is still under a massive quarantine, due to coronavirus. With no one to stop them, they could easily have another party going on in no time!

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