Elephant Comes Back To Her Life Saviours With A Surprise

When Yatta the 18-year-old elephant had a baby, she knew she wanted to share her excitement with her beloved former caretakers at Kenyan David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT).

Yatta’s caretakers were surprised to see her showing up after eight years of being released in the wild. They were even more shocked to see her elephant newborn. It’s incredible that she remembered the way they cared for her when she was a one-month old orphan in 1999.

Meet Yoyo

Meet miracle mum's newest babyYatta is an orphaned elephant who grew up in the care of the DSWT and reintegrated back into the wild more than eight years ago. She's now a proud momma to two wild born calves and, in a show of absolute trust and affection for her former carers, brought her newest baby Yoyo back to meet the people that saved her! Yatta is one of more than 100 orphaned elephants we've helped return to the wild, all watched over by our field teams who patrol to keep these miracle mums safe. Meet the other orphans, and their calves, who beat the odds to return to their birth right: www.thedswt.org/wild-born-babies

Posted by Sheldrick Wildlife Trust on Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The DSWT took her in to stay with other orphaned elephants so she could grow up at safety in an elephant pack. She grew up to be a beautiful adult elephant and later on, joined a herd of adults that were orphaned as well. The special herd lives alongside each other in the wild.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The video shows the incredible moment of Yatta and her calf’s arrival. The rescuers fell in love with the little calf and named him Yoyo. Although he was a bit scared to leave his mom and greet the rescuers, he still showed some excitement by waving his huge ears.

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Yoyo wasn’t Yatta’s only special guest, she brought her firstborn Yetu as well. Yetu is a responsible sister, she watched over her young brother carefully. The caretakers saw that she was proud of her babies and she trusted her caretakers with them.

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The caretakers wanted to take advantage of the special moment to check Yatta’s babies’ health. Since Yatta knows them, she let them remove ticks from her son’s ear.

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Ex-orphan elephants tend to pay a visit every now and then. They were proud of the way she went back to the wild like a strong girl and started her own wild family. Elephants known as family oriented animals, Yatta wanted to show her new family to her old family.

But don’t go anywhere since it’s not the end of the story. Another ex-orphan who lives alongside Yatta came to say hello with her cute calves.

DSWT’s work had paid off, there are now 28 wild-born babies to the ex-orphan generation that the caretakers had nurtured. Besides saving plenty of orphans they help injured elephants as well, most of them get injured from poaching. As part of their work to stop poaching, they have a field team that watches over elephant habitats to keep them safe and sound.

Yatta was a child to a poaching victim that was killed for her tusks. She was one month old and had to face her gloomy reality all alone. As she cried for help, workers heard her and decided to help the poor calf by transporting her to DSWT where her life had turned around. 

The DSWT has nurtured over 100 orphaned elephants and returned them to the wild once they were ready.

For the caretakers, seeing their alumni come back with their new families is the most rewarding feeling.

Here’s the video of the adorable elephant guests:

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