Elderly Volunteer Decides To Adopt A Senior Blind Dog Who Has Cancer

When a stray dog named Marcie was brought to the Kenton County Animal Shelter in Covington, Kentucky, she was in bad shape. 

Marcie, a senior dog, didn’t have much luck in her life; she had cancer, and she was blind too. Since shelters are swamped by stray animals, pets in the same condition as Marcie’s don’t have much time left in the shelter since they are ‘less adoptable’.

Shelter Dog Photography

Fortunately, there was a light at the end of the tunnel for Marcie. A compassionate 71-year-old man, called Bill Baker turned her life around. Baker was a volunteer at the shelter for about 3 years. The good-hearted man had three dogs waiting for him at home, but when he saw Marcie, he was hooked.

He took Marice to the vet and discovered that she had cancer in many body parts. Surprisingly, despite her medical condition, he decided to take her in and adopt her. He didn’t mind she was sick, he just wanted to give her a good life.

Shelter Dog Photography

Although she can’t see, Marcie is super happy whenever Baker calls her name. The duo appreciates and loves each other so much. They are two souls who don’t mind about age or medical condition, they are just best friends.

Shelter Dog Photography

Sadly, people don’t tend to adopt elderly dogs, but elderly dogs usually are the most appreciative and calm, they just want a loving place to spend the short time they have left.

Thank you Bill Baker for making Marcie’s life much better and thank you Lisa Binns of Shelter Dog Photography for taking these moving pictures.

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