Dumped Golden Retriever Gives Birth To A Litter Of Adorable ‘Cow Babies’

When Rosie, a golden retriever mix, first arrived at the Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue, she was scared and in advanced stages of pregnancy. Luckily for the poor stray dog, she was now under the caring hands of shelter managers, Katie and John Black.

Despite helping countless pregnant doggos in the past, Katie and John were in for a big surprise this time. When they delivered Rosie’s 4 healthy pups, the two couldn’t help but notice that they looked nothing like their mother.

As opposed to Rosie’s golden coat, her 4 pups were covered in black and white marks that made them look more like baby cows then baby doggos. The calf-looking pups were rightfully named; Clarabelle, Betsy, Moo, and Daisy.

While cross-breeding often leads to some surprising-looking results and makes offsprings look different than their parents, the complete lack of similarity in Rosie’s case is nothing short of remarkable.

The unusual looks of her puppies, obviously, didn’t stop Rosie from nurturing and loving her lovely litter of calves. Ahh, we mean pups.

After getting a short maternity leave with her pups at the shelter, Rosie and her four pups found their loving forever homes.

Don’t miss the adorable video of Rosie with her calf-looking pups here:

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