Dumped Dog Waits For 5 Days In The Freezing Cold For Her Family To Return

Residents of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, recently reported seeing a distressed dog sitting in a snow-covered park. According to the sightings, the doggo was sitting still and appeared to be on the lookout for the owners, who presumably dumped her in the park. The doggo was clearly in need of urgent help, considering she’d already spent a few days in the freezing cold park, so residents turned to Janine Guido, an experienced dog rescuer and founder of Speranza Animal Rescue.

After first arriving at the scene and seeing the doggo desperately waiting for her owners to return, Guido uploaded this photo to Speranza Animal Rescue‘s Facebook page and wrote: “Ever wonder what a dog dumped by her owners does? Sits and watches. Waiting for her family to come back.”

Guido then wrote: “This dog has been waiting for 5 days. For the past 3 days, since I’ve been called, I’ve been out there. She had eaten out of my hand yesterday and the day before. But scoots away when I tried to leash her.”

It seemed that gaining the dog’s trust, which wasn’t an easy task to begin with, was going to be even harder, with people flooding the park and trying to approach the doggo. “Lots of people are flooding the area. Trying to catch her: Sadly, today is the first time in almost a week with no sightings. She’s getting spooked. I’m praying she is still there. PLEASE if you see this dog. DO NOT chase. Do NOT feed her. Do NOT follow her or attempt to catch her.”

A few days later, Guido received a call from someone that spotted the doggo on their back porch. As soon as the doggo saw the people looking at her from the window she got scared and ran away, but returned after a few hours.

And this is where the doggo’s story (finally) takes a turn for the better. In the video below, that was live-streamed by Guido, the woman tells her viewers about her frustrating morning trying to catch the sneaky doggo. Guido then suddenly turns the camera around to view her backseat, where the confused doggo is seen sitting quietly. We also learn that Guido named the pooch Carla!

After many days of chasing the poor Carla, Guido finally caught her, and can now help her recover and find the forever home she so desperately needs.

Guido rushed the dog to the vet, who could not find any microchip on the Carla. He did raise his concern from the doggo being 15-20 pounds underweight. Carla was also covered in fleas and suffered from frostbites from all the time she had spent out in the cold.

Guido posted on her personal Facebook account: “No more sleeping under cold pine trees in the snow – tonight you will be sleeping in a warm and cozy home with your foster family, Love you so much already, Carla.”

On the way to her new foster home, Guido and Carla stopped to grab a bite at Arby’s, which was followed by a long, deep and warm nap.

Now, after spending a few days with her foster family, Carla seems to be slowly putting back her trust in humans.

And enjoys going on weekend walks with her new foster brothers!

When she’s ready and fully-recovered, Carla will be put up for adoption and will get the forever home that deserves her!

If you want to learn more about Speranza Animal Rescue or put in a donation for their noble cause, visit their website here.

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