Dumped Dog Found Desperately Crying On The Side Of The Road

Judy Obregon, the founder of The Abandoned Ones (TAO) rescue organization, is unfortunately too familiar with Echo Lake Park, in Texas, a notorious dumping spot for unwanted pets. Obregon regularly patrols the area and in search of dumped dogs, often to be found among the decomposing bodies of other, less fortunate ones, that the woman sadly didn’t reach in time.

On one of her many patrols, Obregon spotted motion from between the bags of decomposing dumped dog bodies on the side of the road. Before the woman even managed to stop her car, she could already hear the dog’s heartbreaking cries for help. When she pulled over and opened her door, the pooch limped towards her as fast as she could while crying desperately.

Obregon brought the doggo into her car when she noticed that a string was tied tightly around her neck. Obregon presumes that the string was used to tie the poor creature to a nearby fence. The most heartbreaking thing about this notion is that despite breaking free from the string, the doggo still waited for the heartless people who left her there to die.

When the two drove away from the scene, the dog, now named Callie, took one last glance back, leaving her lonesome past behind. Then the grateful pooch showered her rescuer with endless kisses.

The vet couldn’t find a microchip on the dog but was amazed by how healthy and cheerful Callie was despite her dire past. The beautiful pooch held no grudge for humans and was eager to forgive. Callie quickly recovered from her nightmarish past and developed a healthy appetite.

We couldn’t find Callie on The Abandoned Ones’ adoption website, so we can only assume (and hope), that the lively pooch finally found the warm and stable forever home that she so desperately deserves.

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