Ducks Chasing Alligator Interrupt Golf Game

No, you’re not hallucinating, it is seven ducks chasing a clam alligator. Some things in life make you wonder “what in god’s name is going on?”. You would probably think that a predator like an alligator would chase birds, but for some mysterious reason, the duck bunch totally threatened the reptile.


On the other hand, they all seem chilled, as the alligator guides them somewhere. Maybe the local wildlife is having a kind of secret meeting. The last option is that the animals are planning on taking over humans.


The annual Christie’s Critters Invitational on The Champion Course at PGA National was quite special this year. While participants crossed by the golf course with their golf carts, they saw something unbelievable. Luckily the golfers filmed the whole bizarre scenario. They were shocked to see the weird bunch casually marching into the golf court.

Watch the shocking video below!

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