Duck Meets Dog And Decides They’re BFFs

The pond in Evan Hastings’ backyard attracts a large variety of visitors of all shapes and forms. The most recent, a clingy duck, who the man named Duffy. The first moment the duck met Hastings’ dog, McGee, the two became unlikely BFFs, who spend entire days in each others’ company.

The huge-hearted 6-year-old Golden has an incredible tolerance level. At first, Duffy didn’t know how to approach the four-legged fur ball and teased the pooch by harassing him constantly. The admirably patient pooch wasn’t bothered by his feathered friend’s strenuous attempts to catch his attention. Quite the contrary – now, the two spend whole days around the pond, sunbathing and swimming together. McGee gives his feathered friend adorable piggyback rides and even shares his food with him.

The two have a routine evening swim together, and it’s absolutely adorable. Duffy is the first to jump in the water for a swim. When McGee senses that his friend is getting tired, he jumps in and gives his friend a ‘lift’ back to the shore. The duck and the dog are true BFFs who rarely leave each others’ side.

Duffy is a possessive duck, who isn’t too keen on sharing his canine friend with others though. This shows every evening when Hastings frees his two beagles, every evening, and lets them play outside in his yard. Whenever Duffy sees the two approaching their older Golden sibling, he chases them back to their kennels. He wouldn’t let the two anywhere near him. He wants to keep the doggo all for himself, and we certainly can’t blame him.

Watch the two adorable BFFs play together in Hastings’ pond in the video below:

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