Heartwarming Moment A Friendly Dolphin Jumps Out Of The Water To Give His Canine Friend A Kiss

Here at Go Animals, we come across what seems like an infinite amount of heartwrenchinginspirational, and delightful stories about animals of all shapes and forms. This moment, showing a cheeky, playful dolphin giving his canine friend a kiss has to be one of the sweetest ones so far.

The two dogs were on an expedition with their marine biologist parents. The two enjoyed the sunny day and the exciting voyage when an unusual encounter took place. As they would soon discover, a curious dolphin spotted their vessel and began to follow them around, showing particular interest in the two furry creatures. The two canines, on the other hand, were just as fascinated by the playful marine mammal.

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Seeing their dog’s enthusiasm, the two marine biologists decided to stop the boat and allow the dolphin to introduce himself to the dogs. But even they didn’t expect what happened next. The playful dolphin stuck his nose out of the water and gave his canine friend a kiss!

Much to our delight, the incredible once-in-a-lifetime moment was caught on camera. It’s featured in the renowned IMAX film “dolphins” by MacGillivray Freeman Films, which shows the fascinating creatures in their natural habitats.

Watch the heartwarming moment in the video below:

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