There’s A Facebook Group Dedicated To Dogs UPS Drivers Meet On Their Routes, And It’s Adorable

Sean McCarren, a UPS mailman, loves all the different creatures he meets along his delivery route. Back in 2013, McCarren decided to start a Facebook group that’s dedicated entirely to the dogs that UPS drivers meet along their route every day. Since then, the Facebook group UPS dogs, was joined by an Instagram group, dedicated to the same adorable purpose. The Facebook group now boasts a staggering 1.8 million likes, and the Instagram group has almost 650K followers.

We can totally see why the internet fell in love with a Facebook group that’s dedicated to this somewhat niche topic. After all, UPS drivers meet all kinds of fascinating creatures on their long workdays. Some pictures on the group show drivers with goats, deer, geese, deer, chicken, cats, sheep, and even alpacas. Some drivers established deep relationships with these dogs, over the many years they’ve been delivering on the same route.
Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the cute, surprising, and heartwarming pictures of dogs UPS drivers meet along their routes!

White, chocolate, or bittersweet? Why not all of them!

Rudy is blind as a bat, but that doesn’t stop him from following the sound of my truck until I feed him! – Saint Joseph, Michigan

“Any Bark Boxes up there?” – Jessie

8 corgis decided to greet my UPS husband looking for treats and attention. Keene, New Hampshire

 She always has to bring me a stick to play fetch and can’t get enough. No stick to Big, no stick too small. The older one just wants the treats. North Iowa

One big happy and diverse family

Good times with the wolf-pack

Take me with you hooman

“Hello mister UPS man, I would greatly appreciate a biscuit and I have no intention of getting out of your way until you provide me with one.

 I stopped my truck and before i knew it, i had a helper. Sugarland, Texas

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