Dog Has The Most Heartwarming Reaction To Seeing A Portrait Of His Brother Who Passed Away

Some dogs are so intelligent that being around them often feels just like being with another human being. The reaction of this next dog to seeing a portrait of his brother, who recently passed away, is nothing short of tear-jerking. 

Smiff, the adorable doggo sadly passed away last month, leaving behind a heartbroken momma and brother named Frank. Being an artistic person, Libby Frances Davey, Smiff’s mother, decided to honor her doggo’s memory by drawing a portrait of him. Even she couldn’t have foreseen the heartwarming reaction of her other dog, Frank, to seeing the portrait of his recently deceased brother.

The video shows how Frank wags his tail in excitement before jumping on the sofa to get a closer look at the picture. Seeing his reaction, there’s not even the slightest doubt that he knows it’s a portrait of Smiff.

Don’t miss the extraordinary, and heartwarming moment. Click here to watch the video!

H/T – The Dodo

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