Dog’s Goes On An Adventure With Unexpected Companions

Bo is a playful black Labrador from Kansas who loves to go on adventures around his family’s farmhouse.

Laura Krier

When Bo didn’t return home one night his owners, Laura and Kyle Krier, naturally assumed he’s just out exploring, but after a few hours, the couple became increasingly concerned about their dog’s wellbeing.

After a stressful night, they received a call from a neighbor saying that a dog matching their description was spotted running around a field 6 miles away. Kyle immediately jumped in his car and headed to the location, unprepared for the surprising sight that awaited him.

When he arrived at the scene, kyle was greeted by his dog, Bo accompanied by a fellow canine and a goat, later to be identified as Libby and Ozzy, both belonging to their neighbors Chris and Shawna Huggans.

Shawna Huggans

Though it remains unclear to this day, who led the adventurous escapade, the diverse gang members remain close friends to this day and the story is a favorable conversation subject around the Kriers dinner table.

Laura Krier

Find this story hard to believe? We don’t blame you!

luckily Kyle captured the moment so you can watch it here for yourself:

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