Dogs Can Tell Whether People Are Good Or Bad

Many tend to underestimate dogs’ intelligence. While people question folk’s intentions, dogs can sense human emotions and tell how we feel about those people. Science has recently confirmed that dogs can read body language and even distinguish between mad and happy faces.


Dogs can act mysteriously sometimes, they can like one person and hate the other, the question remains is why.

While some might think that cats are more observant than dogs, a study by Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews shows that dogs can differentiate between good and bad people.


In one of the experiments, it was proven that dogs tend to cooperate with people who have good intentions towards their owners.


Dog owners asked three strangers to help them with opening a box. The dogs were offered a treat by those strangers. The results were that the dogs were less likely to take treats from the ones who didn’t cooperate but rather take the treat from those who were neutral or helped their owners.


The fascinating part of the conclusion is that dogs don’t always ‘act out of self-interest.‘. the dogs could sense the energy and the unkindness of strangers who wouldn’t cooperate and therefore they didn’t want to interact with them.

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