Doggo Thinks He Is In A Secret Navy Seal’s Mission Caught On Camera

Some dogs are natural swimmers while some fear water. But Baxter the dog is a potential navy seal.  

It might seem like the little doggo likes to spend his summertime taking a dip in the inflatable pool but behind closed doors, he secretly plans to invade a foreign country.

When Baxter noticed that his dad not only caught him but filmed the whole scenario as well, he had to move to plan B, acting normal.

Baxter is an incredible actor, he played it cool, as nothing had happened. But his dad knew he was busted on camera.  Although Baxter’s little plan was TOP SECRET, his dad decided to post the hilarious video so the world will enjoy it as well.

The video went instantly viral, the poor boy was serious about his desires, but dad didn’t take him seriously. While his plan to invade a foreign country was canceled, the whole world was entertained by the funny moment.

Getting slowly out of the inflatable pool wasn’t enough, he had to get to safety, to a hiding spot where no one would be able to see him. The secret agent decided to hide behind the bush hoping that his dad won’t notice him.

The response to the video has been overwhelming! Here’s the video of that priceless scene.

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