Dog Wouldn’t Stop Barking Until Biker Follows Him To An Abandoned Baby

This next story comes from the Philippines, and it’s nothing short of incredible because it shows how intelligent dogs can be. A dog, who was thought to be a stray, lead a biker who passed through a remote and mountainous area of the country to a newly abandoned baby.

It was late December when a biker by the name of Junrell Fuentes Revilla was riding his motorbike near a city called Cebu. Then, out of the blue, something interrupted the man’s peaceful bike ride. It was a black stray dog that barked at him, and when he didn’t stop, started chasing him.

Something was telling the man that the dog was barking for a reason so he pulled over and approached him. He started to sense that the black stray was trying to tell him something.

Every time the man neared the dog he’d take a few steps back and bark some more as if he was trying to lead him to something. The man soon discovered that it was exactly what the doggo was trying to do.

After following the dog for several minutes to a nearby dumpsite, the man saw a newborn baby crying his heart out. The baby was wrapped in a towel and was thankfully still in perfect shape.

The man picked the baby up and rushed him to the nearest police station where the cops started to investigate who left him in the remote dumpsite. If it wasn’t for the dog, the baby probably wouldn’t have made it.

As the story spread through local newspapers a growing number of people wanted to know if the dog was indeed a stray. A local rescue group called Hope for Strays set out to find the heroic stray.

The volunteers found a local man who claimed the dog, who’s named Blacky, was his. He took them to his humble shack where they found the pooch with two other dogs.

Despite being very poor, the kind man gave his dogs everything he had. This explains why the dog was determined to lead the biker to the abandoned baby. Just like his owner, Blacky had put others before himself.

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H/T – The Dodo

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