Dog Won’t Stop Smiling After Being Adopted And Becomes An Online Sensation

They say that a smile goes a long way, and nothing proves it right more than this dog, who hadn’t stopped smiling since being adopted.

Meatball or Meaty, was a sad-looking shelter dog when he first arrived at a high kill shelter in Central Valley, California. Meaty was going to be euthanized if he hadn’t found a home, and his time was running out. Thankfully, the Pittie was noticed by The Fresno Bully Rescue, who saved him and helped match him with just the right human.

It didn’t take long for someone to notice the handsome pooch. Lisa Reilly visited the shelter a couple of days after Meatball’s arrival and was instantly drawn to him. He looked just like her previous dog, who passed away a few months earlier.

Lisa didn’t waste time and ran to fill the adoption forms. She didn’t want anyone else to take Meaty home. The dog was obviously overwhelmed with joy from being adopted because he hadn’t stopped smiling since. Meaty was thrilled to join Lisa’s huge family, which includes two other Pits – Ricardo and Punky, and Dappe and Bitty the Dachshunds.

While there’s no way for Meaty to know it, he has more than 157K devoted followers on his mother’s Instagram page, who follow his adventures. I guess they weren’t lying when they said that a smile goes a long way.

Visit and follow Lisa’s Instagram page to stay up to date with Meatball and his brother’s latest adventure.

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