Dog Won’t Leave His Pregnant Mom When She’s Sick

Dogs have special intuitions that we do not have. They have the ability to know when we are down and need some comfort.

Biscuit, the pooch, was lucky to be fostered by a loving family when he was just a tiny puppy. It didn’t take long for them to completely fall for him since he was the sweetest thing. Once they were hooked, they knew they were going to keep the charming doggo.

Elisabeth Dunn Price

His mom, Elisabeth Dunn Price who’s 36 weeks pregnant, says he’s always the life of the party. Unfortunately, his loving mother has a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum, which often gives her severe nausea.

Elisabeth Dunn Price

The incredible thing about Biscuit is that he can tell whenever she feels sick. Once he feels like she’s troubled, he sits by her side to comfort his mommy and never leaves. Every time Price rushes to the bathroom, her caring pooch follows her to make sure she’s ok, he acts like her shadow.

Elisabeth Dunn Price

Sometimes it takes all night till she feels better, but Biscuit doesn’t mind, he would sit there for hours if needed without taking any breaks. There are times in which he stays with her for 12 long hours.

Since the worried four-legged companion wouldn’t leave her for a second even for food or water, she brings them into the bathroom so he could eat and drink while he stays with her

Elisabeth Dunn Price

It’s clear that Biscuit is thankful for being adopted by his lovely mother. She was there when he needed her, and now he’s there whenever she needs him.
At times when Price isn’t sick, he sits by her side or watches over her from across the room.
Biscuit’s mom expects to give birth in three weeks only! Everybody around the house is excited to meet the new addition to the Price family, including Biscuit!

We are sure that Biscuit will protect his little brother as he protects his beloved mom.

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