Dog With Crooked Nose Is Overlooked At Shelter Till Couple Comes Across His Photo

Mosley was born with a crooked snout, which made him “unadoptable” for many people. Due to his birth defect, he was absent at the shelter, but when he was taken in by another shelter, they shared his picture on social media, and he won the hearts of many.

His photo went instantly viral and made the rounds on social media until a lovely couple came across his photo as well.

When Lindsey and Anson saw Mosley for the first time, he wasn’t even ready for adoption yet. It was love at first sight! Although the two weren’t expecting to adopt a dog, they were smitten by him the moment they saw him and knew they belonged together.

Anson and Lindsey lost their dog several years back, and it took time till they were ready to welcome another one into their lives. They decided just to visit him and knew they had to do it quickly for his photo had gotten viral on social media.

Before meeting him, Lindsey told everybody that she just wanted to visit him and there was no way they would come back home with a dog. But she had another thing coming; once she met Mosley, it took 10 minutes for her to understand they were meant to be.

When Lindsey set on the floor, Mosley soon rushed towards her and showered her with affection, which made it even harder to refuse to him. 

Finally, the family members agreed to have Mosley as a perfect addition to their family; they signed the adoption papers and took him to his forever home. While many had their reservations about Mosley’s birth defect, Lindsey and Anason found it adorable.

When Mosley got home for the first time, he was over the moon. Once he met their two sons, they became an undivided trio. With time, their cat got used to Mosley, too, and they formed a special bond.

When the couple started to live him with, they learned that Mosely knows all the basic commands and even potty trained. Seemingly, he had someone who cared for him before, but his past remains unknown.

Mosely flourishes and blossoms at his new home with his incredible family that loves him unconditionally. 

Look how happy and bountiful Mosley is today:

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