Dog Who Was Left To Die After Accident Leaps Into The Arms Of The Man Who Saved Him

You wouldn’t expect to see a devoted football fan leave in the middle of his team’s Superbowl game, but this is exactly what happened in this story. The second the man saw a post about a dog who was hit by a car and left to die on the side of the road he knew that he had to do everything within his hands to save him.

Mike Diesel is a huge New England Patriots fan, and as such, he made sure that nothing interrupts his big night. The man finished work early and went to the local pub to watch the big game with his buddies.

The match was everything but laid back. The Patriots were making a comeback at the fourth quarter, just when Diesel looked at his phone and told his friends “I gotta go, dog hit by car.“

The man came across a post saying that a dog has been hit by a car and left to die by the side of the road, only 17 minutes away from where Diesel was watching the match. It took the man 13 minutes to get there.

The man, who’s also the founder of the Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue, was happy to see that the neighbors got the dog wrapped in blankets and lured him into a box by the time he arrived.

Diesel brought the poor doggo into his car and rushed him to the vet. The dog’s condition was hard to watch. His body’s temperature was dangerously low and one of his legs was badly dislocated.

In spite of his condition, the dog, who’s since been named Knight Rider was patient and happy to finally be noticed and cared for by the lovely staff of the Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue.

Diesel even went as far as building a special cage in the shelter and spending two weeks sleeping next to Knight Rider while he was recovering.

The dog was finally in shape to start his new life and was transferred to a loving foster family when the unimaginable happened.

When Diesel came to visit the pooch, the dog, who was still in bad shape instantly leaped on his feet and came over to give Diesel a huge thank-you hug! 

There was no doubt that Knight Rider knew that if it wasn’t for that man’s kind heart, he probably would have ended his life lying injured in the cold snow.

We were happy to find out that Knight Rider made a full recovery and is now living in a warm, loving, and caring forever home with his new parents, and he seems to like them A LOT!

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