Dog Was Called “Ugly” Has Become an Instagram Sensation – Pup With a Permanent Smile

“I had never seen a dog like him before and I figured that if he was so disfigured on the outside, there was no telling how his insides worked.” 

Many websites called him “ugly,” but he proved the world wrong! The social media star has been receiving gifts from all around the globe and shows the world that “different” doesn’t mean “ugly.”

Meet Kaley Carlyle, a determined animal rescuer from Tucker, Georgia who didn’t know that one specific special rescue would change her life. When the kind-hearted woman received a call about a puppy with severe physical issues, she leaped into action to see what the fuss was all about.

Carlyle was shocked when she saw Chupey for the first time since she “had never seen a dog like him.” The disfigured pup had an unlikely look; he was hairless and had lips that weren’t big enough to cover his teeth, tiny beady eyes, and ears that turn flip backward. His physical issues worried her a lot as her major concern was Chupey being in pain or not being able to eat and drink.

When she met the owner, she asked them to spay to the mother and offered to take care of the newborn, and thankfully they agreed. Although she decided to give him the medical attention he needed and find him a forever home, she had another thing coming.

The “hard case” had definitely challenged and motivated her to go above and beyond to help the poor pup. In an Interview with “Go Animals” Carlyle said: “I had never seen a dog like him before and I figured that if he was so disfigured on the outside, there was no telling how his insides worked.”

Fortunately, after several checkups, Carlyle was surprised to learn that he is a pretty healthy pup! 

When she temporarily took Chupey in, her three rescue dogs welcomed him with open arms, helping him settle in quickly. Carlyle was surprised by his character: “Chupey is an awesome dog. He goes between two different speeds. Either he is running around like he is in a race, or dead asleep on the couch. All three of my other dogs are getting older, and don’t do nearly as much playing as him, so I have to burn out his energy myself most of the time.”

Although her initial intention was finding him an adoptive family, the stronger their bond had become, the less she could think about him leaving. The two have found a common hobby as well, cuddling time! Since he barely has fur, Chupey crawls under the blanket and snuggle in right next to his mom’s body. Her other rescue pup, Kipling has a cuddling MVP himself, so you can often find the three napping the day away together.

With time, the rescuer couldn’t help but keep sweet Chupey forever, even though managing his health has been quite a struggle. These days, Carlyle stays aware of his skin and keeps it from getting damaged, dry or sunburned, but happily, “he’s mostly a very normal dog.”

Carlyle and her three rescue dogs have incredibly embraced Chupey into their family. Although the furry siblings look quite different and have different stories, they share an endearing friendship. Chupey often follows Bailey, his canine sister, around and gives her little love nibbles on her back leg. Bailey tolerates her new bountiful sibling (most of the time) and even plays with him when he is persuasive enough.

Many would think that Chupey isn’t as photogenic as other pups, but the facts will prove them wrong. The unlikely-looking dog has amassed over 70K followers on Instagram, and people can’t wait for Chupey’s daily post. Netizens have been showering him with love and sending him drawings and presents to show their love.

Once Carlyle noticed that people online were enamored with him, she opened an Instagram account that has become a dog-lovers’ favorite.

Chupey has been a part of the family for about two and a half years, and he is a healthy little guy. As for his look, experts at EMBARK have learned that he has a partial trisomy of his 6th chromosome, although they aren’t sure what that means concerning his appearance, but they are still trying to find out.

These days, the adorable pup lives every day to its fullest with his precious mom and furry companions. His goofy smile keeps winning people’s hearts and inspiring the world to never judge a book by its cover.

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“Look at me now!”

He is getting presents!

“My gang and I”

Beach please.

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