Dog Was Brought Back to the Shelter and Begged His Owners to Take Him Back Home

We all know that doggies have such big hearts. They have plenty of room to love their owners, yet they still keep some extra space for showering joy upon every new person they meet on the street. All they ask in return is that we do the same; give them as much love and attention as possible.

Unfortunately, some people can’t or won’t go to the lengths needed to protect their doggy baby. Sadly this is how this story begins.

Meet Moses, a sweet, funny Pitt Bull that loves playing and running around all day long. He was adopted about a year ago by a family that he loved very much. Unfortunately, the family experienced hard times and were forced to move out of their home. The only place that they could afford didn’t allow any pets, so they had to part from sweet Moses. The family said that to this day, it was probably one of the hardest decisions they had to make.

Moses sensed that his family was about to surrender him and did his best to convince them to keep him. He loved them so much, and he couldn’t believe that they could just abandon him like that.

Poor Moses didn’t understand what he’d done wrong. He just wanted to go back home and be with his family. 

Once he’d realized that his family wasn’t coming back, he turned to a dog-loving volunteer named Nancy Klein. 

Nancy was touched by the canine’s sad tale and knew that she had to do something to help Moses.

Nancy petted Moses and calmed him down. She understood that he was seeking her help. Although she knew that she couldn’t convince his old family to take him home, Nancy assumed that she could try and expedite his journey to a new forever home.

The caring volunteer took a video of poor Moses and explained his situation. She posted the video on Facebook, and sincerely hoped that some family would be touched enough to rescue Moses from the shelter and bring eternal love into his life.

The video reached over a million views, and many people came to the shelter and talked to Nancy about adopting the charming pooch.  

Thanks to Nancy, Moses was already headed to his forever home within one week of being surrendered to the shelter. This warm, loving forever home is perfect for Moses: it’s filled with kids to play with, human parents to spread affection to, and a steady environment to prosper in.

Nancy was thrilled to post on Facebook that the search for the perfect forever family for Moses ended successfully.

Although Moses’ search came to a happy ending, his video kept making waves all over the social media, inspiring many others to come to the same shelter and adopt other dogs with backgrounds similar to his.

Thanks to Nancy’s video, many more dogs have found their very own forever home, filled with love and joy. The kind souls that adopted them thanked Nancy for raising awareness on the importance of adoption and volunteering at the shelter. 

We all hope that many more kind-hearted people will open up their hearts and houses to pooches everywhere. Remember, dogs create a bond that lasts forever. Choosing to own a dog is also choosing to love it unconditionally. 

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