Dog Wakes Her Family, Saves Them From A Tornado And Disappears

It was another ordinary evening at the Johnson family’s home in Cookeville, Tennessee. The family of four went to sleep, not knowing that their house will soon be caught in the path of a deadly tornado. Thankfully their dog Bella sensed that something is going to happen. To everyone’s surprise, the vigilant dog then remarkably saves the lives of her beloved family from the tornado, before mysteriously disappearing. 

In an interview with The Tennessean, Eric johnson recalled that Bella woke him up around 2 a.m, giving him just enough time to grab his family and take cover from the oncoming tornado. The house was completely flattened, but remarkably, all the family members survived. “thrown about 50 yards in a bathtub from our house,” Johnson posted on Facebook. Bella, on the other hand, was nowhere to be found.

While they were recovering and starting to rebuild their home, the Johnsons never stopped looking for Bella. They asked for the community for help in finding their pooch. Sadly, all their efforts have been in vain, and the Johnsons started to lose hope.

Then, out of the blue, Eric got a call saying that Bella was spotted in a parking lot. After 54 long stressful days, the pooch was finally reunited with her family. “So something amazing happened today!!. After 54 days missing from the tornado that leveled our home on March 3rd we have been reunited with our dog Bella. To say that I wasn’t starting to lose hope in ever finding her again would be a lie. Me and my wife would pray daily that god was keeping her safe out there until he brought her home to us.” Eric posted.

He then continued and assured everyone that the dog was well:  “At the moment our miracle dog has a full belly of food and is currently sleeping in a warm bed where she belongs.”

Bella’s act of heroism didn’t go unnoticed. After Peta heard the remarkable story of the dog that saves her entire family from a tornado, they’ve decided to award her with the Heroic Dog Award. Way to go Bella!

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