Dog Patiently Waits For His Elderly Owner To Catch Up

They say that people get older, they just get better at living. While this may be true, some undeniable bodily changes come with growing older, one of the main ones being, that everything takes longer. One thing that can ease those difficulties (and any other difficulty for that matter), is being around good friends. Recently a video of a dog who patiently waits for his senior owner to catch up with him went viral, and it shows exactly that.

The clip truly highlights the importance of having someone who cares for you as you grow older. The attentive pooch doesn’t seem to mind his elder owner’s slow pace. He turns around every few steps to check that the man is keeping up with him. This simple, yet heartwarming gesture shows how much mutual love and respect the two share. It’s the kind of loyalty and friendship we should all aspire to have as we grow older.

Watch the emotional moment the dog waits for his owner to catch up on their daily walk in the video below:

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