Dog waiting for his teddy bear while being washed

Habs the dog loves his teddy bear so much. He never leaves his teddy’s side and always makes sure to spend time together.

Initially the teddy bear belonged to Jacqueline Estey, habs human. But when the adorable pupper joined the family, dibbes were called.

These days habs can’t be seen without his favorite Teddy bear, cuddling and hanging out. Separation is impossible. 

So much that in fact, he couldn’t leave his precious teddy bear in the washing machine on it’s own. The dedicated pup sat through the entire cycle, watching his best friend and making sure he was ok.

“My dog has a stuffed bear that he always hangs out with and he sat in front of the dryer the whole cycle just to make sure he would be okay,” his human Jacqueline  wrote in a Tweet.

When he couldn’t cuddle with his teddy bear, the affectionate dog was found upstairs looking at the washing machine. He was patiently waiting for his buddy to return to his side.

Staying near in every step of the way, the sweet pupper wasn’t budging through the washing and drying. 

Later when he couldn’t find his Teddy bear, Habs went to the washing room and scratched on the door looking for him. After finding his favorite stuffed bear downstairs he was back to cuddling and sleeping contently.

Watch the dog waiting for his bear

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