Dog Waiting By Its Dad Hospital Bed Not Knowing He’s Gone

Dogs are man’s best friend. 

Losing a loved one is horrible, and moving on from the loss is something extremely hard. Dogs known to be the most loyal animal and at times, they are even more loyal than humans.

Moose is an inspiring dog who lost his dad, but it made it even more heartbreaking to understand that he didn’t realize his dad had passed away. The 3-year-old pooch scented his dad on his hospital bed but didn’t understand where was he gone.

The loving dog waited there for his father to come back, not knowing he will never come back.

The Eleventh Hour Rescue took him in and let him morn at safety. The NorthStar Pet Rescue had heard Moose’s story and posted on their Facebook page the heartbreaking picture of Moose waiting by his dad’s bed.

Moose’s story had tugged at people’s heartstrings, and so, they started sending adopting application. 

Happily, EHR had found lovely Moose a forever home that takes care and loves him unconditionally. Hopefully, the new family will fill Moose’s heart with lots of love.

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