Dog Uses Doggy Door To Sneak In And Join In On The Neighbors’ Kids Bath Time

This is a story about true friendship between neighbor dogs. Aeida and the dog next door, Cashew, have been besties since Aeida was adopted by her loving family.

Since day one, they had a strong bond, and they couldn’t wait to see each other again, every time they had to say goodbye. Some will say that the canine pair is obsessed with each other.

Their families noticed their unique friendship and wanted to make it easier for them to meet. One day, they had a lightbulb moment and they decided to install a doggy door between the two houses.

The inseparable pair hail the decision and enjoy spending time in both yards. Not only that, they hang around together, Aeida adores the neighbors’ kids, and she likes playing with them too.

When Aeida’s parents didn’t see Aeida around one evening, they assumed that she had left to play with Cashew, but then they discovered that she felt like taking a bath and joined in on the neighbors’ kids bath time.

According to Aeida’s mom, Nicole Ackehurst, the neighbors sent them on Facebook messenger a message with a photo of Aeida enjoying herself in their bathtub.

Her parents were surprised to hear that she hopped into the bathtub at her own will, for she usually hates taking baths. Seemingly, she is has a real FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), and she can’t watch others having a good time without being included.

Ever since that evening, Aeida visits the neighbors, intending to participate in bath time. Luckily, Aeida is welcomed with open hands whenever she would like to come over.

The two made themselves at home at both houses, so now, they want to be included in fun family activities as well. Ackehurst loves having Cashew over, and she is pretty sure their neighbors love having Aeida too.

The furry pals have formed a close bond, and they are happy with the new doggy door arrangement.

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