Dog That Lost Her Puppies Raises A Kitten As If He Was Her Own

In addition to the many human lives it claimed, the ongoing Syrian civil war also sadly took the lives of countless animals. Despite the country’s chaotic everyday life, one man managed to build a refuge for stray kittens. The man’s name is Mohammad Alaa, but he’s much better known as The Cat Man Of Aleppo (Il Gattaro d’Aleppo). Mohammad cares for around 80 stray cats, one of whom, an orphaned kitty named Junior, was lately adopted by un unlikely parent – A dog named Amira.

Mohammad first found Amira wondering the streets of Aleppo. The dog looked confused and shocked, so Mohammad brought her home with him to his sanctuary. A few weeks after bringing the dog in, Mohammad discovered she was pregnant. He took care of her throughout her pregnancy but sadly, she gave birth to three stillborn puppies. This left Amira heartbroken. Mohammad had to comfort the sorrowful pooch, so he gave her a stuffed teddy bear and cuddled with her.

Junior, an orphaned kitty that was brought to the shelter only days earlier, noticed that Amira cuddled with her teddy bear in the corner. The feline, who was suspicious at first, slowly approached the dog and eventually made his way and gently rubbed her face.

It didn’t take long for Amira to leave her teddy bear, and instead take care of Junior as if he was her own pup. Junior climbed on his mother’s back and she took him on walks around the sanctuary’s backyard.

They share their meals, take naps together and spend all day in each other’s company.

And so, Junior became the pup Amira couldn’t have.

They both had a rough beginning but now that they’ve found each other they found a home in all the chaos.

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