Dog Takes A Bus To The Park Every Day On Her Own

While some dog owners might think that their dog is independent because he can occupy himself for a few hours, Eclipse can school all the so-called independent dogs. The clever dog takes a bus to the park every day on her own, plays for a few hours, and then returns back home.

The clever dog takes the bus to the park every day on her own

The Labrador Mastiff mix lives with her loving owner Jeff in Seattle, Washington. Jeff never trained Eclipse to take the bus. She accidentally taught herself to do it. It happened when the two were on their way to the park one day and Jeff was taking his time to board. Eclipse, who didn’t want to miss out on a fun play session at the park, got on the bus on her own and left Jeff behind. The driver, who knew Eclipse, dropped her off at the park and her concerned owner caught up with her later on.

Jeff, who knew his dog’s abnormal abilities, let her board the bus on her own a few more times while keeping an eye on her from a safe distance. After a few successful trials, the clever dog now takes the bus on her own. In a post that since went viral, a woman by the name of Robbie Lauren assured everyone for the pooch’s safety: “All of the bus drivers know her and she makes them smile, and many of the regular passengers enjoy seeing her every day and will often sit down next to her. Even the police have given their approval as long as the bus drivers are okay with the arrangement. ‘She makes everybody happy.’”

We are certain that like the rest of us, Eclipse too can’t wait to get on the bus and run wild in the park. Hang in there pooch!

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