Dog ‘Stands Guard’ While Soldier Takes A Nap At The Airport

The thing that separates good journalists from bad ones is often something as simple as being in the right place at the right time. One photographer who happened to pass through an Indianapolis airport caught the moment a dog stands guard while a soldier takes a nap, in one of the most heartwarming photos we’ve seen in a while.

A large group of twelve soldiers was passing through the busy airport, two of which were loyal military k9. Being a soldier is, of course, a very tiring task, and one of the men decided he’d lay down on the floor and catch a quick nap before his flight.

Unlike other passengers who also tried to get a quick snooze that day at the airport, this soldier didn’t have to worry about anyone trying to steal his things. Within seconds of the man lying on the ground to shut his eyes, the dog was already caught on camera as he stands guard above him, by a photographer who happened to be there.

These military dogs evidently take their jobs very seriously and are never ‘off-duty’. Especially now, on Thanksgiving weekend, it’s a great opportunity to show your thanks to all the men, women, and canines who serve our country.

Watch Florida’s WPTV report on the event in the video below:

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