Man Spots His Neighbor’s Dog Delivering McDonald’s To His Family In Quarantine

One of the most charming things about dogs is the fact that everything seems like a game to them. This had to be the case for the happy pooch in the next story. The young sausage dog was spotted by his neighbor happily walking down the street, delivering McDonald’s to his family in quarantine.

The dog was happpy to deliver McDonald's to his family in quarantine
Jagger Long

It all started when Jagger Long, from Toronto, Canada, was doing his weekly grocery shopping. On his way back from the store, Jagger spotted a familiar face – Oliver, his neighbor’s Dachshund. The cheerful doggo was joyously skipping on the sidewalk, carrying a Mcdonald’s bag in his mouth. Jagger knew that he has to record the bizarre sighting.

Intrigued by the unusual occurrence, Jagger followed his neighbor’s dog, trying to figure out where he’s headed. It wasn’t long before the man stumbled upon his neighbor, and Oliver’s mother, Jessica Reanne. As Jagger soon came to learn, the dog wasn’t on his own after all. His mother was following from a safe distance. The woman told Jagger that her pooch was helping her carry her shopping back home. The delightful dog was in charge of delivering McDonald’s to his family in quarantine. Definitely not an easy task, but the pooch lived up to their high expectations.

Check out the video of the good delivery boy here:

Follow the rest of Oliver’s adventures on his Instagram page

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