Dog Soccer Fan Wins The Internet’s Heart With His Concentration During A Match

We have recently written about a movie theater that lets moviegoers bring their dogs, and now we are happy to write about a unique dog-friendly football club and its unlikely fan.

On the southside of Glasgow, Scotland, there’s a special place to take a seat and watch football with your favorite furry pal, Pollok Football Club.
The renowned Australian former professional football (“soccer”) player, Ned Zelic, tweeted a photo that captured the internet’s heart.

In the photo, you can see a sweet Golden/Lab mix watching a Scottish junior football match at PFC. 

The endearing photo has made its rounds on social media and amassed more than 23K likes and has been shared by over 4.5K netizens.

The gorgeous pooch seems to love football, and he looks extremely focused on the game. He fits right while sitting in a stadium seat next to other fans. Some people might say that he just tries to hold himself from bursting into the field and score a finesse goal.  

The sweet furry fan is named Yardley. He is an 8-year-old canine who likes spending time watching football.

The photo was originally shared as a celebration of all the Football Club’s animal fans, and apparently, Yardley isn’t the only four-legged fan who likes coming to the stadium to watch a good match.

Yardley and his favorite human were featured on the BBC Sport Scotland Facebook page, and after the match, they learned that the football fan duo attends lots of matches.

“He’ll go home and away to the matches. Anywhere we can get him in, I’ll take him.”

Reportedly, Yardley’s owner used to go to another team’s stadium and decided to go to Pollok since they are dog-friendly.
Besides being a dedicated sports fan, Yardley is a therapy dog who pays visits to patients at The New Victoria Hospital to comfort them and bring joy into the hospital. In addition, the handsome pup starred in a Pollok Football Club ad back in 2016.

Pollok Football Club

Every Football Club would be lucky to have such a dutiful canine as their fan.

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