Dog Sings Along Loudly to Country Music With Her Loving Dad

It’s something most of us don’t think about, but many animals love to sing and dance to the sound of music, just like humans do. Many animals love to listen to music, feel the rhythms, and sometimes even prefer one genre of music over the other. 

Yes, you’ve read that right. Animals could actually acquire musical tastes and enjoy different kinds of music better. Some of us love classical music, while others might prefer some rock ‘n’ roll, one dog could prefer pop, while another might be drawn to indie music.

Meet Chris Petersen, he is a dog-lover and the proud owner of a sweet, loving doggy. When Chris had noticed that his pooch is a huge country music fan, he decided to share the fantastic revelation with the entire world. 

The loving dad captured a video of him driving with his pup. While he’s driving the car, she enjoys the melody, the wind in her fur, and her favorite artist’s voice.

This canine just loves to listen to music. She absorbs the nature around her, as she spends quality time with her human father. The sweetheart loves it when her owner starts to sing along with the music.

Chris insists that his pup is obsessed with country music. Whenever a country song hops on the radio, she’s ecstatic. There’s one unique artist that the sweet canine loves to listen to all day and all night long. He’s none other than Chris Ledoux. This famous country artist conquered her heart; every time a song of his is on, the sweet pooch starts to get all happy and excited.


The more songs of Ledoux she hears, the happier she is. The video clearly shows that she’s the artist’s number one fan. His music makes her feel free and alive.

As a number one fan, the pooch obviously has a favorite song. The song “Look at You Girl” simply gives the sweet doggy a thrill. She loves to bark along with it, while her owner is singing the tune with her. The pooch is filled with joy, and she just loves to spend incredible time with her favorite person.

Chris loves the fact that his pup shares her love for music. Thankfully, the owner isn’t jealous of the attention; he loves that his canine shares such a deep love for music. It shows what an amazing soul she has.

Ledoux is a very talented artist, so it’s no wonder that the pup fell in love with his voice. The song she loves most is quite slow and smooth, showing she has a real appreciation for music. When she sings, she really tries to keep up with the rhythm and prove what an avid fan she is.

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  1. Sean

    I don’t think Ledoux will hear about his canine fan since he has been dead for 15 years.

  2. Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

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