Dog Show Judge Invites an Autistic Girl to Show Everyone Her Stuffed Animal

As many people see dog shows as condescending this one is here to show us there’s something more to it. 

One judge named Johnny Shoemaker had recently shown his beautiful true colors when he’d noticed a sweet girl with autism and wanted to plaster a smile on her face.

The hearty judge saw that the girl was holding a stuffed dog attached to a leash, so she could feel like she was part of the competition too! Johnny wanted to make the girl’s dream come true and approached her.

Johnny asked the little girl if she wanted her canine to participate in the dog show, just like everyone else. The girl was thrilled and happily accepted. In the video, you can see her showing her dog and running around with it, just like a real dog.

Everyone is cheering, and the atmosphere is merely touching and entirely altruistic. 

Shoemaker already has an esteemed reputation for his incredible kindness for humans and dogs.

Although Johnny was in management with Smith Barney for 28 years, he finds retirement much more fun and exhilarating. The avid dog-lover adores the fact that he spends his time surrounded by dogs. He feels blessed for having the time to learn about new dog breeds every day and meet sweet pooches.

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