Dog Shot While Protecting His Owner From Armed Robbers

After owning Billy for four years, Felipe Sinisterra already knew that his beloved Bull Terrier is his loyal little pal. So it really came as no surprise to him that when Billy’s loyalty was put to the ultimate test, he absolutely aced it. Sadly though, it was exactly that unconditional loyalty that got poor Billy badly hurt that day.

It all started when Billy’s owner Felipe Sinisterra, was waking his four-legged buddy to a park near their home in West Philadelphia. Things soon turned sour, when two armed robbers approached the couple and demanded that Felipe hands them his wallet, which he did without putting a fight. Being a devoted protector, Billy sensed that something wasn’t right, and started barking at the robbers as they were fleeing the scene. Felipe quickly strengthened his grip on Billy’s leash to stop him from chasing the two. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop one of the scared robbers from turning around, and shooting the dog twice, one bullet piercing the poor pooch’s heart. The robbers escaped in a gray Honda getaway car while Felipe desperately looked for aid for his precious friend.

The cops were soon alerted to the scene and helped Felipe rush his friend to the ‘Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital’, where he’d undergone two costly surgeries. With the help of a surgeon and 30 staff members, Billy was resuscitated and his health was successfully stabilized. 

Now, a few weeks after the event, Billy is steadily recovering, getting stronger with each passing day. He still receives antibiotics, but he’s back to his playful self.

Felipe started a GoFundMe campaign to help cover Billy’s medical expenses, and he’s still half-way from reaching the campaign’s goal of $40,000.

Watch the story as it appeared on ABC’s action news:

Show your support with donations, or even warm comments on Felipe’s GoFundMe page

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