Dog Saves Injured Bird And Becomes Her Best Friend

Viviana Davila, the owner of a sweet dog named Hiro, always knew her doggo’s a good boy. Recently she got a reminder of just how good her dog is when she saw how he saves an injured baby bird and cares for her compassionately.

The Dog Who Saves The Injured Bird Is Named Hiro
Viviana Davila

It all started when Davila and Hiro were unwinding in their Puerto Rican home’s backyard. While relaxing in the warm sun, something caught the eye of the vigilant doggo. It was obvious that Hiro was trying to grab his owner’s attention. He licked something on the ground and looked at her, before returning to lick the mysterious object again. Hiro did this several times before his owner got up to get a closer look at her doggo’s finding.

The Moment The Dog Saves The Injured Bird
Viviana Davila

A defenseless baby bird was lying on the ground beneath her pooch. Davila ran inside to grab a towel and picked the helpless birdie. She ran to the car and rushed the bird to the vet, accompanied by her loyal pooch. The vet told the woman that the bird was a Quaker Parrot. The poor critter must have hurt her legs while falling from the nest because she was paraplegic, and couldn’t use her legs. The bird’s chances of survival in the wild were close to zero. The vet said that in cases like this, he usually advises people to put the animal down. Seeing how the doggo interacted with her, and how much the birdie wanted to live, he couldn’t advise them to do so.

Viviana Davila

Knowing that she and her doggo were the bird’s only hope to survive, Davila took her in and named her Hope. From the moment they returned from the vet, attentive Hiro never left the bird’s side. Davila said that her dog’s personality changed completely after finding the bird. He had a purpose.

The Sweet Dog Saves Hope, The Injured Bird
Viviana Davila

The two are now inseparable and spend every second together. Hiro watches over his little sister compassionately and takes care of her every need. Hiro is an exceptionally good boy! After all, it’s not every day that you see a dog that saves an injured baby bird and cares for her like this pooch.

Viviana Davila

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