Dog Saves Cat From Freezing By Dragging Him Into His Kennel To Warm Up

Despite the common misconception that dogs and cats are sworn enemies, it is actually rarely the case. If you needed any proof of that, just check out this next video, showing how a dog saves a cat from freezing by dragging him into his kennel to warm up.

Just like with humans, dogs often learn how to treat others from their parents. If the owner is kind to animals in need, the dog will often act the same way.

Our story began when the owner of one sweet, caring doggo heard noises coming from her yard. When the woman went outside to investigate, she saw her loving doggo dragging a poor kitten in need.

Temperatures outside were way below zero, and the kitten, who was outside for god knows how long, was already starting to freeze. Luckily, the pooch sprang into action immediately.

The doggo carefully dragged the distressed kitten back to the one place he knew was warm, safe, and dry – his kennel. This just goes to show that most animals are kind by nature and how much the way they are raised eventually affects their personality. 

Watch the video below and see how the kind dog saves the helpless stray cat from freezing:

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