Dog Saved From The China Meat Trade Looks Just Like Baby Yoda

Mork Skywalker is the sweetest little dog, and he looks just like Baby Yoda. Little Mork has been making waves all over social media, thanks to his big ears and adorable face.

But life hasn’t always been this happy for the sweet pooch. His journey as a pup started on the other side of the world, China, where he was supposed to end up as dog meat. 

Unfortunately, Chinese food-culture includes dog meat, which is a conservational topic itself. Mork was one of these dogs who are caged their whole lives waiting for certain death. 

Last October, Mork was almost the closest to the tragic ending, but luckily, ‘HarbinSHS’, an organization that works to save dogs who were sentenced to death for food purposes. 

The HarbinSHS saves all breeds and works to give them a chance at a happy life. They also try to bring more poor bulldogs to the U.S.

Mork was in bad shape when the HarbinSHS found him; he weighed about 11 pounds and was hospitalized at first due to severe intestinal complications.

Thankfully, Mork had a strong urge to fight this disease, and within a few weeks, he was already on a plane, headed to Los Angeles from that horrible place. As his new family in LA waited for him to arrive, he didn’t know that his life was about to change forever.

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The first person who fell in love with him when he arrived at the states was none other than the founder of a nonprofit rescue shelter called ‘Roadogs’.

Nikki Carvey, the founder, knew about the rescue mission and initial intention was just taking him in. She received a photo of Mork for paperwork, and the moment she laid her eyes on him, she knew they were meant for each other and decided to adopt him the moment he’d arrive.

Carvey brought Mork home and created an Instagram account for him. Mork became a canine celebrity and was lucky to have features similar to the famous character – Baby Yoda. 

He instantly became an Instagram sensation for all the right reasons!

Many fans are obsessed with Mork thanks to his big ears and incredible resemblance to the green baby.

Even though Mork has started a new life, his past still haunts him. He is still dealing with some weight problems and requires more time to fully recover. He also suffers from irritable bowel syndrome or IBS, and has difficulty consuming any type of food. 

Carvey cooks all of Mork’s food and makes sure that it’s allowed on his diet. She hopes that in time Mork will gain enough weight and return to a healthier state.

Since Mork looks so similar to Baby Yoda, many fans wonder what exact breed the little pup belongs too. Carvey doesn’t want to run a DNA test on the little canine due to his health struggles. 

Carvey also believes that Mork is the result of unconventional breeding, and due to his health problems, she believes people shouldn’t try and replicate it. 

Aside from his IBS, Mork also deals with an undershot jaw and has trouble breathing. The little pup will need to have a life-threatening surgery to be able to breathe properly.

All of these factors contribute to Carvey’s reservations. She admits that Mork is simply the cutest, but that’s not a good reason to replicate a breed that is destined to go through an unhealthy life.

Carvey hopes that Mork will happily survive all the physical obstacles he currently faces. She wishes to train him to become a therapy dog in the future, so he could help other people that face many health problems, just like him, feel better and recover.

Carvey believes that Mork’s story will inspire other people who experience difficult situations and enjoy the love, compassion, and happiness that he spreads.

We agree entirely with Carvey, and wish that little Baby Yoda… Oops, little Mork Skywalker will be able to recover and become the best therapy dog ever.

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