Dog Runs Away And Stops By The Police Station To Report Himself Missing

It was just another ordinary night shift for the officers of the Odessa Police Department in Texas. Then, in the early morning hours, a surprise guest came to report a missing dog. The guest approached the counter and waited for the clerk to notice him.

The thing that makes this whole story unusual though, is that the one who reported the crime was a dog, and the one missing was he himself.

The officers were pleased by the visit and greeted the pooch with a warm welcome. Everyone in the building came down to the lobby to play with the naughty doggo.

Despite enjoying the dog’s company, the officers didn’t forget they were on duty and had a case to solve. They thoroughly inspected the pooch, looking for any means of identification. The dog was wearing a collar, but his nametag appeared to have fallen off. The officers called the animal control to come and scan his microchip, but evidently, the dog had other plans.

Before the animal control staff reached the station, the dog, who seemingly had enough of his “missing” status, decided to escape the building. 

The next day, the officers were relieved to learn from the dog’s owner that the pooch, who answers to Chico, returned home safely after making the 1-mile journey on his own.

Chico the cheeky pooch cracked his first case! We think that he definitely has what it takes to make an outstanding detective!

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