Lost Dog Reunited With His Mother And Passes Out From Excitement

There was no sign of Casey the Schnauzer for over two years. Casey’s mother, Rebecca, did anything within her power to reunite with her beloved doggo, but even she began to lose hope of ever seeing her dog again. Against all odds, and after being estranged for more than two years, the two eventually found each other. The video capturing the tear-jerking reunion, even shows how the lost dog almost passes out from the excitement of seeing her human again.

Casey went missing when her mother, Rebecca, was working abroad in Slovenia two years ago. Her mother recently returned to her hometown in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, where she was finally reunited with her excited Schnauzer. Both of them couldn’t believe that this moment finally arrived. The second the two lied eyes on each other, Casey began screeching. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Rebecca began crying uncontrollably, and the two clung to one another as hard as they could. Just by watching the video, you can tell how much love the two share and how deep and profound their bond is.

After screaming, cuddling, and kissing her human for a few moments, Casey is seen slowly tilting over, before collapsing to the ground. The adorable little pooch was so excited that she lost her balance and fainted for a brief second. She could not contain her excitement from seeing her human again. Concerned for her pooch, Rebecca took Casey to be examined by a vet. The vet watched the video and determined that the doggo is healthy and in good shape. She just got too excited for a moment there.

Don’t miss the heartwarming moment the lost dog passes out in excitement in the video below:

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