Dog Reunited With Family After Going Missing In Blizzard For 3 Days

If you think that losing your furry best friend is a devastating experience, imagine what it must be when a dog goes missing in a blizzard when it’s -40 degrees outside. Luckily against all odds, this doggo survived the elements and reunited with his parents.

Louie is a one and a half-year-old Golden Retriever that lives with his mother Julia Neufeldt, and her kids in Saskatoon, Canada. Two weeks ago, a friend offered Julia to take Louie to the dog park, as she was quite busy that day. The park was unusually full that day, and the man sadly lost track of the pooch, who disappeared amidst all the other dogs and their owners at the park that day.

While losing a dog is always a stressful and devastating experience, for the Neufeldts it was even worse. That same Sunday a horrible blizzard blew over the city and buried everything under 8 feet of snow. “I flew into a panic. It was like losing a member of your family. It was just devastating.” Julia told CBC.

Heartbroken by the loss of her beloved pooch, Julia asked for help on Facebook. Soon the woman was overwhelmed with offers from kind people who wanted to help her find Louie. “It was just really incredible to have so many strangers taking time out of their lives to help look for a dog they had never met, for someone they had never met.”  She told The Saskatoon StarPhoenix. “I just felt so humbled that people cared so much about our dog.” She added.

But while Facebook was gushing with dedicated strangers searching for poor Louie, help came from a surprising source. A man who didn’t own a Facebook account and his dog Banjo were cross-country skiing, unaware of the endeavors to find the dog who went missing in the blizzard. The man’s dog led him 150 ft off-trail, into a wooded area where they found poor Louie.

Neufeldt later wrote on Instagram: “He was burrowed down and Banjo sniffed him out and popped Louie’s head,“. “It was an insane series of coincidences that led to his discovery,” she posted on Facebook“The guy who found him does not have social media and had no clue about Louie.”

While Louie did harm his left leg and will need to undergo surgery, he was overall in good shape. As expected Julia and her family were over the moon when they finally heard the news their doggo was found. “This whole experience has reinforced my belief in the power of prayer, good vibes, and the power of love. We are so thankful our family is back together.” Julia concluded.

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