Dog Owner Rewards His Dog In Surprising Way

If you think that you’re spoiling your dog, maybe it’s time to broaden your horizons. One overgenerous dog owner decided that edible treats weren’t enough. 42-year-old Grant Ellis came to the conclusion that his dog deserved the ultimate prize; cold hard cash.


Bracken, an adorable sprocker spaniel, was feeling adventurous one day. While his loving owners weren’t looking, he grabbed Grant’s wallet and held it for ransom. After a number of attempts to retrieve his property, Grant gave up and gave Bracken a five pound note. 

Little did Grant know that he just opened the floodgates to a steadily widening hole in his wallet. From that moment on, he continued encouraging Bracken with a weekly fiver every Friday afternoon.

The money is not going to waste. Bracken is enjoying a large number of soft chewable toys, swimming lessons, and other assorted benefits. Even so, he is still accumulating a sizable fortune. Grant even gave Bracken the wallet that was originally stolen, just so he’d have a place to store all of his fairly earned cash.


One time, Bracken managed to save 75 pounds. His adoring owners got the hint, and took him to the local mall where they let him free roam and purchase whatever he decided to put in his mouth.


This couple took spoiling their pet to the next level. Grant does want to make it clear that this whole story started off as a joke. Sprocker spaniels love holding things in their mouths, and Bracken just happened to find Grant’s wallet as he was lying on the sofa. Nobody expected him to give up this precious chewable toy for a far less chewable 5 pound note, but he did!

Ever since that day, it became a weekly tradition.


Needless to say, Bracken is enjoying being cherished in a household that loves him and a family that is willing to provide for his every need. 

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